Daniel Kemp of Construction News recently published an article following on from a meeting with ourselves, Arcadis and Alford Technologies  to discuss the three companies coming together. Below are some extracts from that interview. You can find the full article on the Construction News Website. https://t.co/khirXz8O7W 

'Gathered here are seven people from three different companies, representing one of the most intriguing new entrants to the construction sector for some time – and one that has the potential to completely change how industrial demolition is carried out'.


Project Atom

Date Added: 07/04/2017

'The three parties are: Arcadis, the global design, engineering, consultancy and project management company; AR Demolition, specialist demolition contractor; and Alford Technologies, a progressive provider of explosives technology.

These three companies have come together in the wake of what happened at Didcot a little over a year ago to form Project Atom, with the belief that a different method of explosive demolition is possible. It’s one that promises to enormously reduce the risk to people, as well as save time and increase efficiency.

The proposition is simple, but striking. In the first instance, a power generation company with an old asset, like a power station, can contract with Atom to provide a complete turnkey solution. It will decommission the power station, demolish all of the structures,remediate the land and then build on it.

This turnkey approach, with one party promising to oversee the project from start to finish, is different – but is not the part that will rewrite the rulebook.

The real game-changer comes with the demolition package, which Alford and AR promise to deliver using new methods that require little, if any, pre-weakening of structures. What’s more, they will use technology that is already available and has been proven to work, yet has not been adopted by the demolition sector.

A better way?

This new method of demolition deploys the “best available and safest technology”, as Mr Alford puts it, to get the job done.

Innovation is at the core of the process, and is one of the uniting factors that has brought Alford, Arcadis and AR together'.

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